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Valley of the King CD or Gods of Heroes CD


Debut album with 8 tracks of Epic Doom 'Valley of the King' on Physical CD,
Tells the tale of Prince Palidor and his rag tag army fighting their way to the Throne of Lights. It includes elements of fantasy, magic and adventure whilst keeping true to the British tradition of heavy, riff based doom.

Track Names
1: The Valley of the King
2: Desolate Pathway
3: Forest of Mirrors
4: Last of my kind
5: Season of the Witch
6: King of Vultures
7: Shadow of the Tormentor
8: Upon the throne of lights
To be released on Worm Hole Death records.
12 May 2017 - for Digital Release only.

2nd Album released in 2017 is Of Gods and Heroes, written around the subject of Greek Mythology and each track tells its own tale of mythical creatures and warriors, conquer and defeat.
The content accurately portrays the fables, beginning with the vision of Cerberus. The lyrics also tell of the fight with the snake headed Medusa, the seduction by sea sirens and ends in the epic battle of the Trojan War.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. The Old Ferryman
3. The Perilous Sea
4. Medusa's Lair
5. Into the Realms of Poseidon
6. Enchanted Voices
7. Gods of the Deep
8. The Winged Divinity
9. Trojan War

Album credits:
Vince Hempstead: Vocals/Guitar.
Mags: Drums/Backing Vocals.
Guest Artists: Kostas Salomidis from Sorrows Path, Jonathan Seale from Iron Void, Addam Westlake from My Silent Wake, Ron McGinnis from Pale Divine and Thonian Horde, Santiago Osnaghi from Nippur.

Released on Worm Hole Death records.
12 May 2017 - Digital Release
16 June 2017- Cd release
9th July 2017 - USA cd release
25th october - Japan cd release